Our Quality

Our Quality:

Most of industries these days, demand more than ever observance of specification on material, processing, quality control establishments and delivery conditions. In order to fulfill these requirement, Arrow Techno Cast observes quality control systems throughout the company and every aspect of manufacturing process is ably manned, closely supervised, perfectly monitored and properly documented. It starts from procurement of materials of certified compositions / purities followed by its in-house verification and ends with timely delivery of castings as per the customers' most demanding exacting specifications. Every phase of the production cycle is considered important while doing so whether it is maintenance of temperature and humidity in the wax department or the grain size of sand used for sand blasting in fettling department.

At 'Arrow Techno Cast’ quality of the end-product and its cost effectiveness comes automatically 'from within' reflecting the standards attained wholesomely by our set-up itself. It exists not only because of what we do but also because of how we do.

We at Arrow TechnoCast thrive to meet all customers requirements and provide the final product as per their specification. Our commitment towards customers as well as products and continuous improvement of product quality has established our image as high quality products manufacturer and supplier.

We have fully fledged consistent quality control system according to ISO9001:2008 standard.